Solopreneurship Bootcamp

Get clients fast in a time like this through coaching, community, and creative frameworks.



Co-created by one of the world’s largest entrepreneurial networks

and a world-class team who’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.





Noun: a person who sets up and runs a business on their own.

This course is for you if:

You are a solopreneur of any kind and are providing or want to provide services online.

You’ve faced the following barriers during these changing times:

I don’t know what my next meaningful step/project should be.

How do I leverage my strengths in a time like this?

How to reach customers when I don’t have a big email list?

Wondering if people will buy my product..

I’m struggling with tech overwhelm.

Where do I want a breakthrough in my business?

I can’t get myself energized about work and get shit done

If you find yourself struggling with these thoughts then the  Solopreneur Bootcamp may be exactly what you need. Our program integrates your life, work and wellbeing. 



You will build a clear plan.


Implement a system to bring your dream project to life. 


Apply creative marketing and sales hacks to get clients.

(even during this crisis)


How it Works ?

Our 3-week program includes:

         Four 60-90 minute online classes over Zoom. (2 classes every week)

         Worksheets, templates, and toolkits to get you started right away. 

         Access to coaches and the class via slack through the week.

Week 1: Craft
  • Working on your biggest struggles during this time.

  • Find clarity on what excites you and how you can leverage your strengths.

Week 2: Launch
  • Create an offer your clients can't refuse.

  • Execute your growth and leadership journey.

Week 3: Get Clients
  • Build your marketing system and test it.

  • Build trust through an authentic brand promise for your organization.  



Wendy Parr

Wendy Parr - Grammy Winning Songwriter   


Our special Crisis Bootcamp is made affordable by The Draper Group. 


Our special Crisis Bootcamp is made affordable by Draper.

In a time like this, the question on everyone's mind is: when this "season" is over and would I look back at it with pride or regret?

The world has forced us to take charge of our own future. As they say, never waste a crisis.

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The Solopreneur Lab is a product of Limitless Institute in partnership with Draper Startup House.